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Avoiding Rogue Airport Parking Traders.

The well-known BBC Rogue Traders have been recently investigating an airport parking company at Gatwick airport, due to a high level of complaints and reports that cars were parked in local fields, without any security measures in place, despite what was being advertised on the booking site.

Customers were booking their parking via a third party website, trusting claims that there was CCTV in operation, security fencing and a gated entrance, when in fact cars were being left in unsecured areas and keys were found in a car boot.

It is companies like this one which are not approved by Gatwick, do not treat customer’s cars fairly and have little or no facilities in place to securely take care of your car that causes such harm to the ones who do.  We would like customers to be aware of such companies and to know how to identify them so that they can be avoided at all costs.

We understand that booking your parking on the basis of price alone is very tempting, however paying a lower price to a company who do not have the correct facilities/staff/security or CCTV in place, needed to take care of your car, can dramatically increase the risk of something going wrong.


Here are 4 ways you can ensure you are dealing with a reputable meet and greet company. 


Maple Parking safe

1. When parking at Gatwick, look out for companies who are part of the Approved Operator Scheme. This has been created and granted by the airport themselves and aims to provide reassurance to the customer that the company are providing safe, secure, professional meet and greet parking.

Maple Parking is fully approved by Gatwick Airport to provide meet and greet parking services at both the North and South Terminals.  Take a look at our partners and accreditations here.

2. Always look out for the Park Mark logo when making your booking. This means the parking facility has been police assessed and is secure.

Maple Parking hold the Park Mark® Safer Parking award – a national police-backed initiative which is given to parking facilities that are properly managed and maintained and provide a safe environment for both vehicles and customers.

3. Always book with a member of the Independent Airport Parking Association as they are assessed to prove they provide the highest levels of professionalism and service.

Maple Parking are one of only a handful of companies who are members of The Independent Airport Parking Association– or the IAPA for short. Its members are asked to promote best practices and raise standards to ensure care and professionalism.  We have recently won the IAPA ‘Best Meet & Greet Operator’ in the UK nonetheless!

3. And last but not least – always take the time to read through recent customer feedback. A great way of understanding how other passengers rate their experience with the company.

Maple Parking score highly and is rated EXCELLENT, please feel free to read genuine reviews from real travellers by clicking here.