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Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? The frequently asked questions (FAQs) aim to help you find the answers to your questions quickly, without having to make contact.

We have compiled a list of questions we get asked the most, however if you can't find the answer to your question please contact the team on: [email protected]

It is the three-digit number printed in the signature space on the back of most credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards. The CVV2 number is always the last group of numbers in the signature space on the back of the card. It is not part of your regular credit card number.

For Maple Parking Branded products at Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted, Southend, Southampton, Birmingham and Edinburgh we accept only the following cards:

Visa (Credit),
Visa (Debit),
Switch, Solo,
American Express,

For parking products at other UK airports some other cards are accepted and payment options will be shown when you arrive at the secure payment screen for that product. Payments for 3rd party products are handled by the 3rd party but are still over a secure connection on the 3rd party website. When you have chosen a product and click “book now” it is at this point you will be transferred to their secure payment platform.

Please call the 3rd party switchboard on 0800 083 7430 quoting “WJ041” for more information about any of the products listed or to book over the phone.

If something happens and you have to return early, we must have sufficient notice. Please inform us as soon as you know that you will have to return early so that we can arrange for your car to be removed from our long term storage. Cars are parked in return date and time order and many cars may need to be moved to get to your vehicle. If sufficient notice is given there would not usually be any delay in getting your car back to you. If you do not give any notice then there could be a long wait which we cannot be held responsible for.

No refunds will be given for part used bookings / early returns.

For 3rd party bookings the individual companies policy will apply to early returns – which for the most part are very similar to ours.

For all Maple Parking branded products, if you return is delayed please keep us informed to avoid any delay in us delivering your vehicle. Extra days are charged at £20.00 and must be paid before your car leaves our care. Failure to inform us of a late return may result in you having to wait for your vehicle when you do return, so please keep us informed.

Please email us with your booking reference and existing booking details and the new vehicle details [email protected] or call us on 03 333 222 333. We do not charge for vehicle changes.

Please call Maple Parking on 03 333 222 333. If you have your flight number we can tell you which terminal your flight is to or from.

If you have already booked with us, please call us to add our valeting service to your booking on 01293 65 22 99. This facility will also be available on-line soon.

To become a member you must be an existing customer of Maple Parking’s and have booked with us since January 2011. Membership occurs the moment you place your first booking and sign up with an account. You can enjoy all the benefits of being a member, including a fixed discount, each and every time you park with us.

You must log-in before you make your booking for any discounts to be applied.

Please call 01293 65 22 99 if you are experiencing problems logging in. Have your email address and vehicle details to hand when you call.

If you have booked directly with Maple Parking, this must be either by telephone on 01293 65 22 Please email our booking team on; [email protected] with at least 24 hours notice, or full charges will apply. Please leave a message if our office is closed and our booking team will action your request when the office is open. The date and time of your message will be recorded as the notification time of cancellation.

If sufficient notice is given for cancellations bookings will be refunded less a £10.00 admin charge. If you have booked through one of our booking agents you must contact them – their own terms and conditions will apply. They will notify us in turn.

You can also cancel your booking by visiting our Cancellations page.

This is easiest over the phone on 03333 222 333 as there will often be a change in the price. If you have booked through one of our booking agents then you must contact that agent. They will, in turn, let us know.

Please log into your account at any time. Your dashboard will detail your full booking information, dates and times. If you have trouble accessing your account please contact our booking team who can help you on; [email protected]

All of our drivers are competent, experienced and fully insured. If your car has modifications which may prevent our drivers from being able to drive it please inform us in advance. 4×4’s, automatics and cars with large engine capacities are very common and will not be an issue.

For left hand drives and vehicles with special modifications we must be told in advance to avoid any delays to you on the day.

Please ensure you car holds a valid MOT certificate.

There are no height restrictions in our secure car parks – however there are some height restrictions at the authorised meeting points for our Meet & Greet service at some airports which are as follows.

Gatwick – North 2m, South 1.9m
Southampton – 2m
Edinburgh – none
Birmingham – none
Heathrow – T2, T3 and T5 2.2m, T4 2m
Southend – none
Stansted - none

For Meet & Greet Maple Parking meet you outside the Airport Terminal, and your vehicle is returned back to you at the terminal. For Park & Ride you drive to our car park nearby. Details of where to meet us will be on your booking confirmation. If you wish to write to us please see our contact us page for our full address.

Upon request, our drivers will assist you with your luggage and getting a trolley. Unfortunately our drivers cannot assist you from here as the car must not be left unmanned at the terminal.

Special assistance can be prearranged directly with Gatwick Airport.

Please call 0844 892 0322 and select option 5 and then option 1. This service has limited availability and must be arranged in advance directly with Gatwick Airport.

The website is fully safe and compliant. All payment information is submitted over a secure (https://) connection. Payments are handled by a recognised brand in the e-commerce industry. No card details are stored by Maple Parking.

Maple Parking is comprehensively insured with Tradex Ltd. to drive your car on the public highway.

Maple Parking do not inspect the contents of vehicles and do not therefore accept liability for the interior of vehicles or any personal belongings which are left within vehicles.

Prices are seasonal and therefore fluctuate throughout the year depending on demand and availability. In order to get our best prices we recommend that you book at least 3 weeks in advance of your trip. At peak travel times this is also necessary to ensure we have spaces available for your dates and times of travel. For Members our loyalty discounts apply year round regardless of which season you are travelling in.

If you leave your parking booking until last minute then the prices tend to be higher and availability cannot be guaranteed. Airline seats work in much the same way so you will get the best prices if you remember to book your airport parking when you book your flight!

At some airports we offer non-flexible products. These are great if you are 100% sure that you are going to travel. We cannot cancel or refund these products and a further saving is passed on to you. Our loyalty discounts still apply to our non-flexible products.

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