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How to be Stress-Free at the Airport During the Easter Holidays.

Easter, and the school holidays that surround it, are just around the corner. Many of us are getting eggcited (heehee) to jet off on holiday this Easter, whether it be as a family to somewhere warm and sunny, a European city break with a loved one, or an adventure-filled ski trip with friends to catch the end of the season. Whatever the reason, thousands of people all over the UK head to the UK’s busiest airports, all with the same intention of taking a break and taking off, out of London Luton Airport, Heathrow Airport , Stansted Airport , Gatwick Airport and more, to destinations near and far, worldwide.

After a particularly long, wet and cold winter, it’s predicted that even more people will be treating themselves to some fun and / or sun this Easter, and airports will be at their busiest, especially when it comes to airport parking and getting through airport security and departures.

Easter Parking

There’s no denying that driving to the airport is one of the easiest options, especially for families, groups of friends, the less abled and elderly. Driving from your own door step to an airport with your luggage is far easier and often cheaper than unreliable public transport and lengthy airport transfers, especially when you are catching that early morning flight, or much later one.

But when the airports are busy like they will be at Easter, how do we make it as stress-free as possible, so we can sail through departures on time, while feeling relaxed?  Here we round up our top tips for staying stress-free at the airport when you are about to set off on your travels.

  • Book in advance – For the best parking availability and best prices, it is always better to book as far in advance as possible. The sooner you get it booked, the best price and space you’ll receive, as well as the peace of mind that you got it arranged before it sold out or you ended up too far from the airport, or had to look for other non-parking alternatives.
  • Get prepared – The scouts go by the saying, and they aren’t wrong. To avoid stress at a busy airport, get yourself and your fellow travellers as prepared as possible. This could mean ensuring all relevant travel documents are together, valid, and correct, and everyone is checked in. This could also mean bringing things to do and entertain small ones in queues and long waits. Perhaps calling the airport ahead of time and arranging any disabled assistance that you may need and, of course, ensuring that everything is booked and organised before you leave. The more prepared you are, the more likely that everything will run smoothly, and this helps to calm any nerves on route.
  • Don’t overpack – Check with your airline the amount of luggage weight and suitcase sizes you are allowed, and try to stay well within these strict limits. One of the most common things we see at airports from our customers is overpacking and then getting into stressful situations. Not only do they have to drag heavy luggage around, but they can pay extortionate prices for excess baggage if they’re over their limits, or many will start re-packing and wearing extra layers as they check in…not really the best way to start a holiday!
  • Give yourself plenty of time – We know that the airports will be busier this Easter, so leave yourself enough time to get to the airport, to park at the airport, or to allow for public transport errors, delays or cancellations.
  • Consider meet and greet airport parking – you may assume that this is an expensive airport parking option but, actually, it’s cheaper than you might think. Especially when you consider how much time and hassle it saves you, it’s actually much more cost effective. Parking off-site and having to shuttle or taxi in if you have lots of luggage, are a solo traveller in the dark hours, or less abled is not ideal. Neither is getting stressed traipsing luggage, children and family from public transport or across long stay airport carparks, especially when it’s cold, wet and busy.

What is Meet and Greet parking?

Meet and greet parking allows you to drive straight up to the airport departures terminal where you’ll meet one of our fully insured professional drivers. They’ll check your car, and then carefully drive it to our Park Mark awarded secure car parks, near to the airport, allowing you and your fellow travellers to simply head straight to check-in. On your return back to the UK, your driver will have your car waiting for you at arrivals, ready to drive away. It’s the quickest, easiest and most hassle-free way to park at the airport.

As the largest independent Meet & Greet Parking provider in the UK, we offer our award-winning airport parking at Heathrow Airport, Luton Airport, Stansted Airport, Gatwick North and Gatwick South.

Booking early for Easter holidays will mean you get the most competitive price, for the most stress-free way to park at the airport.

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