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5 things we can do at home to feel the love this weekend…

Feeling the love and sharing a romantic weekend…at home?

As we approach the romance of Valentines Day, we are fast realising that this year might be a little different.  Lockdown has put a hold on many things, including social life and trips away, but worry not, it doesn’t have to dampen your spirits and spoil your romance.

You can create the perfect feeling, right at home, with your loved ones.  Here are 5 ideas, things you can do on a small budget but with bags of love and special attention.

Valentines at Home


  1. Food is the way to anyone’s heart!Cook, bake and generally make a pig of yourself!  Think about where you met, or where you holiday together…thai food from your fave restaurant, or pizza, italian style!! Create a delicious feast for the family or your partner and enjoy catching up over a chilled bottle of wine. How about home made chocolates or pastry…sweet treats, carpet picnics and candle light…how romantic!
  2. Games and fun!Poker anyone?!  Card games, chess, and pictionary!  Enjoy time away from screens and a add little competitive fun to your evening of love, by enjoying each others company and stretching those brain muscles.  Get the children involved and turn valentines into fun game night! There are some great couples games out there, which test your relationship!
  3. Netflix and chill.Your favourite rom com and a cuddle on the sofa…perfect date night.  Why not watch something new, a horror or thriller, something that might need extra tight hand squeezes!   Take a look at this bumper list of; ‘best movies to watch on Valentines Day‘ you’re sure to find something just perfect.
  4. Photos and memories.Get out your photo book, or pics of your last holiday, or date night, and remember the good old times. Reminisce about your summers abroad or weekends in Paris! A great way to look back on the good life, and bring back the excitement of places to look forward to visiting.
  5. Zoom zoom zoom…If like us, you prefer the crowd to enjoy the evening, why not hook up with a few pals and throw a zoom party…wine tasting, quiz questions or simply just a chat to catch up.

Whatever you do, keep it fun and romantic, and remember the small moments of joy are worth so much right now.  Enjoy yourself.