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**NEW** Safety Measures in Place.

Providing safe parking with NO CONTACT.

We have new guidelines in place for maintaining social distancing and no contact for all drivers and passengers, to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus.  It is our aim to ensure all passengers experience the same high level service whilst in our care and both passenger and driver are kept safe.

Maple Parking Guidelines

Safe Meet & Greet Airport Parking Guidelines.

– All staff will need to wear masks and gloves and will admininster hand sanitizer on their gloves before and after each customer and vehicle interaction

– All customer meeting areas will have a protective clear screen separating customers and Maple Parking staff
– All meeting areas will have hand sanitiser available for customers to use – recommended
– All car driver seats will be covered with a single use plastic protective sheet to prevent contamination

Meet process

– Check in at a safe distance with NO CONTACT with our staff who have adequate PPE covering
– Car key will be dropped into a clear bag where it will remain throughout the parking duration
(Maple Parking staff will use the key through the bag)
– Our collection driver will cover the seat with protective single use seat cover and will sanitise hands prior to driving and parking the car

Parking process

– Every driver who moves/parks or comes into contact with the car will have effective PPE covering and will sanitise hands prior to and after driving the car

Greet Process

– Prior to driving the car the driver wearing PPE will sanitise their gloves thoroughly
– On arrival the driver will remove the protective seat cover and sanitise hand gloves again
– Customers keys will be tipped from within the bag into customer’s hands
– Customers will be offered/given antibacterial wipes to use on their steering wheel, gear shift and hand controls prior to driving home

Maple Parking will not use wipes on the car for 2 reasons –

1) potentially damaging leather or other surfaces in the car
2) customers will feel more reassured if they do it themselves and may want to regardless of whether Maple Parking did or not

Other operational processes (non customer facing)
– Similar measures will be in place throughout the company to reduce the potential for the spread of the virus amongst our staff.

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