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We’ve been granted The Gold Trusted Service Award by Feefo Review site!

We’re proud to announce that we’ve recently received “The Gold Trusted Service Award” by Feefo – one of the UK’s leading consumer review platforms.

As the saying goes; ‘the customer always comes first’ and we couldn’t agree more. Here at Maple Parking, we know that our achievements in the airport parking field wouldn’t be so successful if it was not for our extremely loyal customer base. Who not only rebook and use us regularly, but recommend us to family, friends and colleagues too. We can only do this by ensuring that each and every customer has a good experience with us.

We feel it is paramount to know and understand how our airport parking service is working for the customers that actually use it. By gaining an insight into what went well and indeed what went wrong, can allow us to constantly address and improve our service. As a result, we are then truly offering the best airport parking service we can.

We are all familiar with review sites and, many of us, use and rely on them daily for all sorts of services. Unfortunately, many review sites are an open market and unregulated meaning that; any person can log on and leave any review, even if they haven’t used the service. It is widely known that these unrestricted sites can therefore invite competitors who wish to tarnish other players in their field. It shouldn’t happen, but unfortunately it does.

We sought to join with a review platform that was solely for genuine customers. We wanted to personally invite each and every person that had actually booked with us, to leave an honest review and to let us know how we were performing. This way we could go back to each customer individually, and respond to the bad and the good. It would allow us to constantly learn what we are doing right, and also the things that we are perhaps getting wrong. People don’t always contact our Customer Services if something went just slightly wrong with a booking, or the service. However they are far more likely to if they are invited to do so. All customers can leave a quick review explaining their grievances, or indeed our triumphs.

This is where Feefo came in. Feefo are more than just a platform to leave reviews. Feefo invite ALL of our GENUINE customers to submit a review.  They publish ALL of the GENUINE reviews submitted by our customers to give an accurate overall score of the level of service we offer based on the reviews submitted.  You are not able to leave a review if you have not used our airport parking service. Their motto is to ‘help companies and brands listen and connect to their customers; giving them the tools to create better experiences, improve their products and grow their brand.’

Since using Feefo over the last year or so, we have connected with thousands of our customers to say thank you for parking with us and leaving such kind words, and for recommending us. We feel getting an actual reply from a real person from our team, even if it’s just to say we appreciate your time to give us positive reviews, shows the customer that we truly care and value their custom.

The positives are of course great, but we feel the negative reviews, although much fewer, are even more important. Feefo allows us to personally connect with these customers too. We can address an issue, ascertain what went wrong and where necessary we can apologise and make amends with each customer individually. Most importantly we can resolve issues in areas that are within our control in order to try and avoid such issues happening again.

Thanks to Feefo our customer retention has increased dramatically. We feel that this is due to us engaging with all of our customers whether their feedback is positive, neutral or negative. Customers who are happy will rarely make a point of saying so, but through Feefo we are able to engage with all of our customers. It is so important to address any areas where our service could perhaps improve, but equally, by engaging with customers who leave positive feedback through Feefo, we can and have made improvements to areas where customers are already very satisfied – making our service even better still.

In this last year alone, we have collected just over 4100 reviews, and have maintained an average score of over 4.5 out of 5. We couldn’t be happier! Due to this success, we are so proud to announce that we have been awarded Feefo’s gold trusted service award.

As Feefo themselves say ‘There’s service…then there’s Trusted Service.’
They only grant this gold trusted service award to;

Feefo Gold Award

• Businesses that deliver exceptional experiences, as rated by real customers.
• Brands that go above and beyond
• Companies that deliver amazing customer service
• Those that help customers buy with confidence
• Businesses that meet Feefo’s criteria of excellence and trusted service

Maple Parking are extremely happy to showcase this recognised symbol of trust on our website, to show our customers that they can click with confidence, and that we are getting our airport parking service right.

We feel that by being able to collect only genuine reviews and by engaging with all of our customers regardless of the feedback they leave – our customer retention has dramatically improved. By publishing all of our genuine reviews on our website and on Feefo’s website, potential new customers can read our genuine reviews and our genuine responses to them and use this to make an informed decision about whether to book us and what level of service they can expect.

As time goes on and we continue to collect ever more feedback from our customers, we will strive to improve on our 4.5 star rating moving forward.

To all our customers that have used Feefo to review, we sincerely thank and salute you. Until we greet you at an airport again soon.

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