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Taking Sports Equipment on Holiday.

Flying with Sports Equipment.

Times are changing and although there are of course always going to be negative things happening in the world, there are many many positives too.
The 90’s saw a generation of fast food, sugar, cheap meat, cigarettes and too much alcohol. We didn’t have smart phones to capture our every move so we didn’t seem to care so much about our appearance, or at least not as much as we do today. The smart phone generation has had negatives effects on us, of course, but it’s also brought positives to the millennials. With all this information literally at our finger tips, we are constantly ‘informed’ about health and well-being, where our meat is coming from, how and why cigarettes are bad for us etc. so it’s cause us to change the way we live.

So many people have now become not just vegetarian, but vegan. Maybe it’s because there’s so much literature being read about badly treated animals but many would also argue that it’s just become fashionable. Either way it’s happening. We care so much more about where our food is sourced and comes from now, which has spurned a wave of locally grown and free range bred food stalls and pop ups, which in my view is fantastic; for vegan and meat-eaters alike. People have also stopped smoking, because they are way to conscious about health and how they look / smell, again a positive.

However our cigarettes haven’t disappeared altogether, they have simply gone digital in vapes and e-cigarettes which may have less ‘chemicals’ but we are still unaware of the long-term effects.

Then there’s the gym-goers, hasn’t that exploded too! It seems everyone you see on social media is working out, whether it’s at the gym or their showing you how far they’ve run on the million fitness apps! Although I’m not a fan of selfies at the gym (surely you should be working out not taking pics of how ‘good’ you look?!) or the need to know every detail of peoples fitness regimes, it’s a positive that we are in a new wave of getting healthy and fit.

It’s had an effect on how we holiday too. More and more often our airport parking customers are turning up with extra and excess gear; golf clubs, skis, climbing and scuba gear. Where we once went on holiday to drink, eat, sunbathe and sleep (repeated!) where we needed a small carry-on with a few swim togs and clothes, people are now opting for sporting holidays with some even going to the gym whilst they’re on holiday too! Golf and skiing / snowboarding holidays have always been popular of course, but I am talking about trekking adventures, climbing trips, diving holidays, bike tours and more.

With this new wave of fitness seeping into travel too, we want to make sure you’re fully prepared for your fitness or sporting holiday.

To take or not to take your own gear

Ultimately this is a personal choice – many people who have professional and specialist gear, like climbers, will want to take their own harnesses, ropes, shoes and technical apparatus. Likewise golfers may want to take their own clubs and bike riders their own bike. On the other hand, if you’re happy to hire once you’re out there you may opt to leave your expensive stuff at home. Ask yourself how important it is to have your own gear there, and how much of a difference it would make.
If you do want to travel with your own gear, like so many of our airport parking customers do, here’s a few tips;

• Check your airline rules and regulations before you book your flight. They are all slightly different and you could end up spending far too much to take your gear if it’s oversized and too heavy and imagine if you get there and they don’t allow that particular kit. Some have particular requests like removing bicycle pedals from push bikes and compressed air bottles for diving must be carried empty and many more.Always check before-hand.
• Pre-book and arrange your sports equipment before you get to the airport. Prices will most definitely be cheaper and you know what to do and where to go when you get to the airport.
• Allow extra time to check your gear in even if you’ve pre-arranged it with the airline first. It could take a lot more time than normal check in and you don’t want to miss your flight!
• Package it up correctly and securely – whether you’re covering your bicycle in bubble wrap or you’ve got a secure bag for your golf clubs just ensure that it’s going to protect your precious kit. From being subjected to the elements, if it has to wait in the rain to get loaded, or being protected from being thrown into the hold or onto baggage reclaim belts.
• Get insured – Many people will assume that their normal annual travel insurance will cover their sporting trip or, if getting new cover, not think to mention what you are going to be doing on holiday. This is so important as nearly all travel insurers will not cover you if you are doing something like climbing or skydiving. It’s imperative to check with insurers and if you’re taking your own gear, you NEED that to be covered too.

Public transport
Who wants to haul heavy kit and equipment onto public transport? Taking your golf clubs through the London tube system, buses and then trains to the airports – it sounds exhausting just writing it! It will not only be pretty strenuous, it will most likely be stressful and you don’t want to start your holiday off on such a negative foot.
How will you fit all your gear and your friend’s equipment into a taxi? You’re going to struggle especially if it’s larger items, meaning it’s going to get pretty expensive getting individual cabs to the airport!
Driving your own car/s to the airport
This is probably going to be the easiest most convenient way, but it all depends what airport parking you choose.

Airport parking and sports equipment

So many people who are going on holiday with sport equipment, be it golf clubs, snow boards, surf boards or even instruments like guitars will choose meet and greet parking at the airport. Here’s why;

• Onsite airport parking – requires walking from car parks and / or getting shuttles to the terminal. Not ideal with lots of kit
• Offsite airport parking –you drive to a hotel or airport parking spot near to the airport, but then you still have to get your stuff onto the mini bus / shuttle (if it fits) and walk from their drop off point to departures. Not ideal or hassle free
• Meet and greet parking allows you to drive your own car straight up to departures, unload your gear onto a trolley and stroll straight to check in. No parking your own car, no walking from far away car parks, and no shuttles either. It’s the perfect solution and the easiest way to park at the airport when you are carrying extra equipment and sports gear.

We park the cars of 1000’s of holiday makers each year, many of which are travelling with sports equipment from groups of golfers and scuba divers to the daring mountain climbers and skydivers. If you’ve got heavy kit and equipment, don’t add hassle to your journey to and from the airport. Park with us here at Maple Parking and realise why we are the first choice for sports travellers.
If you want to see just how competitive our prices are compared to onsite airport parking or the other ways to park at the airport, get a quote now.
If you’ve heard enough and are ready to book, head to the website and arrange it in minutes, or if you want some more info, give us a call on 03 333 222 333.