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Social Distancing in the Airport.

We understand that at this time there are fewer passengers travelling, or trying to get home. However, to stay safe we must ask that you adhere to the social distancing rules.

The airports are doing their bit too, most airlines are requiring passengers and crewmembers to wear masks or facial coverings in gate areas and on flights. There are also further steps inside the terminals, such as taped markings on the floor to help people remain distanced whilst waiting in line; these steps are to protect you the passenger and employees alike.

Planes grounded at the airport

In many areas there are also sneeze guards going up and hand sanitiser.

Passengers are being encouraged to scan their own boarding pass to reduce the handling of documents and there will likely be a limit to the number of people boarding at one time to allow for additional space in-between people.

We are here to support you and your travel plans where possible and want to wish you a safe journey.  We are supporting many who are trying to get home, including students who were studying abroad, people going to visit family members and those whose work is essential.

Please bear with us during this time, we will work to ensure the safest measures are in place to protect you our passengers and all of our employees.