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Must Have Travel Essentials.

Winter Holiday Essentials

What a great feeling looking forward to your holiday, or ski trip, especially as the festive season is upon us and we all wind down for some much needed rest and re-charge.  Get peace of mind with our simple checklist of essentials, you do not want to forget anything and ruin your trip.

From making the most of your spends to making sure your passport is in date, get into the holiday spirit by using our list and checking off the must have travel essentials.

Have to have, cannot holiday without!

Flights– Since ticket prices increase the closer you book to your departure date, it’s best to compare and book early where possible. Once you have your flight confirmations, be sure to print out copies of all of your flight tickets, as you might be required to display a return ticket when you check in.

Your passport – at this time of year a renewal can take much longer, as many more plan to go away and realise that they need to renew their passport/travel documents.  May sure you check this out early and apply quickly and easily using the online service, or the check and send from the post office.  It really is much more simple these days and you cannot travel without one – don’t feel stressed, get it done, click here to renew your adult passport online.

Your travel money – best to order currency in advance, or load it onto a money card.  There are many places to order currency, and it’s worth doing your home work to make sure you are getting the best rate. If you don’t want to travel with cash, a money card is a great alternative and is accepted in most places, with multi-currency options.  Must have!

Travel insurance – Get protected, so important for that added peace-of-mind. Whether a city break, ski holiday or business trip, travel insurance is a must have, and can be found at reasonable cost.  Do not travel without it.

Driving license – hiring a car, you will need a copy and the original of your license.  Email a copy to yourself too – just in case.

Boarding pass – Be sure to check in, in good time.  Leaving it too late can actually leave you without a seat.  Airlines can oversell and it has been heard that passengers have had to wait for other flights, due to too many people and last one to check in.

Phone charger / plug converter – consider which country you are travelling too and ensure you have the right converter/charger to keep your phone’s battery full.

Parking at the airport before you travel.

If you have booked your holiday in advance, take care of your airport parking at the same time.
By pre-booking your parking space you have one less thing to worry about, leaving you to concentrate on the holiday ahead.  When you pre-book you will also save, the sooner you book the cheaper it will be.  Get a meet and greet parking quote here.

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