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Holiday Saving Tips with Meet and Greet Parking.


Holiday Savings

Hands up who is enjoying this wonderful warm, sunny weather?! Is it here to stay? Let’s hope so.
After what can only be described as an arctic winter, with snow storms in March and blistering cold weather that would only invite penguins to the shores of the UK, this much needed brightness is a welcome change.

The school holidays are approaching and with the children off, this weather is welcome, to keep them out and about and enjoying a little time with the outdoors. This yearning for the sun and it getting it’s little hat on has also got us thinking, or dreaming, about summer holidays. Jetting off to a place where we don’t need waterproofs, where the sunlight stays around ALL day and we don’t have to be so prepared for all this change in weather!

As airport parking specialists, we meet and greet 1000’s of holiday-makers cars for them every summer. Being in the holiday business, we know some great tips and tricks to make that summer holiday as cheap as it can possibly be, so you have more money to play with when you’re actually there. Here’s a list of our favourite ways to save on your holiday costs this summer.


As the saying goes ‘there’s no time like the present’. As soon as you know you are going to go on holiday, start thinking about saving, and use this guide to remind you of the money saving tips that could help achieve your dream holiday.


OK, so this is also a really good place to start. Having an idea of how much you want to spend, and realistically, how much you can save is important; so you know what you are working with. You can plan to put a certain amount of money away each week / month, and you’ll know when you over-spend on one thing, you might have to try and under-spend on another. You don’t want to book the perfect holiday, forget about all the extras, and then have no money to actually enjoy your time away.


Booking in advance is a sure fire way to get the cheapest deals in almost all aspects of travel, accommodation, airport parking, flights, excursions and more. What’s more, because you’re early, you’ll have a much wider range of products and places to look at. You also won’t run the risk of missing out. Take our airport parking for example; we offer the cheapest airport parking in the UK which means that our spaces, especially in the busy summer period, can get snapped up by other prepared travellers. Although last minute deals can be cheap, in terms of holiday extras like airport parking, the prices will only rise the closer you get to your booking.


Out of season, you might find some great advertised offers from the high street and the web. Because there may be a lull in bookings, travel agents and flight operators might have sales and specials, so they get the bookings now. Keep your eyes peeled and sign up for price alerts or mailing lists for companies you want to use. We certainly send our subscribed users loads of voucher codes and coupons off airport parking, throughout the year.


OK so package holidays are definitely easier as you get everything included like flights, accommodation, shuttles, and even food / drinks in all-inclusive deals. You then simply pay one agent or site, once price and all is sorted. But are they cheaper? The answer is not so black and white, and I feel like it actually depends on your research skills, and the time you have of course. DIY holidays mean you have to book everything separately, but at least you can then find the cheapest options for all aspects of your holiday. Really shop around and see what you can find, and compare the two to see what would be the cheapest option.

If you’re looking for airport parking at some of the UK’s busiest airports, then look no further than Maple Parking, we are on-hand to help.
As one of the largest off-airport car park operators in the UK, we know just how to ensure the pre-holiday process is as stress-free and simple as possible, leaving you to make the most of your trip. Our ownMaple Parking approved car parks are located at Gatwick Airport, Birmingham Airport, Heathrow Airport, Birmingham Airport and Stansted Airport, but you can also book many discounted parking services at most UK airports, at the best prices.

Maple Parking are the meet and greet specialists, and offer an easy, convenient chauffeur service to suit both business and holiday travellers; however, we also offer a traditional Park and Ride service, which can be a little more cost effective.
If you are looking for reliable, cheap airport parking at Gatwick, at the north or south terminal, we have you covered, or the recommended Stansted Airport parking and Heathrow airport parking?

Price Match Guarantee

“Always book with us direct for our best prices and to qualify for our loyalty discounts.”

We are so confident that we won’t be beaten on price we’ve introduced our Price Match Guarantee.
We go to great lengths to make sure that you will not find our Maple Parking branded products cheaper elsewhere. If you find our branded products cheaper elsewhere we will match the price and beat it by 10%. This excludes Prices from other suppliers conditional on buying other products or prices that are part of a customer loyalty, members’ or loyalty reward scheme.